Real American Home version of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba was apparently one of the artists and entrepreneurs who do not turn a blind eye on the latest technologies and social media. As quoted in, the beautiful actress is rumored to have recently opened up his own personal account on the social networking site Pinterest.

Passing of accounts named Jessica Alba, Alba post photos under the heading "Dream House" or "House of Dreams". In those pages, there is a wide range of display homes. Not only the interior of the House, Alba is also posting some photos page with beautiful flowering trees.

Selection of Alba could be categorized as industrial and rustic-style interior, but a few other choice qualifies as exotic. In addition, Alba also appears to put special attention on Crape Myrtles, tree flowers which are able to grow well in warmer climates like Los Angeles.

In fact, Alba already has a house special. The House is located in Beverly Hills is more modern and exotic. In photographs published in the it appears that Alba is not afraid of playing with colors and materials. This makes his courage more interesting.

In fact, Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, are not only concerned with aesthetics in his home. They are more stressed the priority on comfort and safety of the family. For example, the availability of furniture is non-toxic (non-toxic). Specifically, Alba wants every couch filled with non-toxic materials and coated with a fire-resistant material.

Alba also want their kids grew up with the knowledge of their families. Thus, specifically Alba showing many photos of the family at his home. "It was great to the kids can grow with the family around them, especially because the (family) they consist of different races," said Alba.

This is what form the United States. Anyone can come to this place and be anything they wanted. There's something sweet about efforts to strengthen it in the unconscious.

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