Boys Room Comfortable Wrapped in Green Pastel

Boys Room 2014 Cool Design

For those of you who want to paint a child's room , you can try to apply a pastel green color in her favorite room . The green color is a gradation of pastel green color that has the look of a bright , cheerful impressed but still soft .

By doing so , was able to provide comfort when applied to a child's bedroom . Well , if you are going to use it in the boys room , you can combine with gray color that appears cozy atmosphere that is stable and calm in accordance with the general character of the boys . Choose a pastel green color to serve as the base color is applied to all parts of the wall .

The pastel green color combination can bring a feel of freshness that is comfortable , quiet room impressed , and make the time your child is getting quality sleep . Additionally , pastel green color is also able to create the impression of more room legasehingga child can feel leluasaketika move in it .

As for the gray color you should apply at the ceiling and furniture such as beds , wardrobes , tables and chairs . Wrap the gray color can add a reassuring calm atmosphere .

Well , even though the room looks bright but still provide comfort for your boys .

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