Chocolate Valentine in Japan, given the Menstrual Blood

Japanese women and the tradition of Velintine

Valentine's day or Valentines day soon will be present, i.e. on 14 February. As an expression of affection between couples or others who cherished, there is a tradition of giving a gift or a wonderful gift at the time.

Usually the gifts given in the form of chocolate or a doll, as well as jewelry for those who have married. A gift that can be chosen is something cute and liked.

But in Japan, there are traditions concerning valentine or Valentines day. The woman in Japan is very serious in making gifts of chocolate valentine on his partner. They will make their own chocolate Prize aka homemade chocolates.

Homemade chocolate is known as Choco Honmein or brown feeling actually. It gets worse, there is the social networking Twitter's trending topics on the savory chocolate Honmein choco. The women usually entered Japan admits secret recipes in the form of droplets mixed the blood of menstruation, or sheets of pubic hair and spit them into it, and so offered by Kapoww from pages Handbag, Friday 06/02.

The habit, according to the Japan Crush, is an expression of love from the ladies of her partner, i.e. mixing the private parts in their chocolate recipes. There is also a mix of blood from the incision they made itself at the body into dough coklatnya. They hope men will fall in love forever with him when eating chocolate.

Well, when the men want to eat chocolate made in the composition of the women, it's a sign they really love. So, that's the way they make sure the men fall in love or not on them.

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